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A Dozen Reasons to Attend the Hartford HUG Event on August 24

By: Michael Hurczyn
August 17th, 2015

Sales enablement, as well as marketing and sales alignment, have been very hot topics lately.  You won't find a more knowlegeable resource than this month's guest speaker. Rick Roberge introduced HubSpot's first client to them, and ever since he has trained 100's of HubSpot customers and partners through the years.  He has helped even more companies outside of HubSpot.  If you have anything to do with growing a business (sales, marketing, owner) you should not miss this event. Our first event drew more than 60 people.  You'll get to meet a bunch of cool new people, learn about how other companies are growing, and most importantly, learn ways to sell more, better, and faster.  The event is free and we will provide the pizza beer, and wine!  In case you need additional convincing, here are 12 more reasons...  

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