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The #1 Reason that You Suck at Networking Blog Feature
Rick Roberge

By: Rick Roberge on October 13th, 2015

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The #1 Reason that You Suck at Networking

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 True story...

Several years ago I went to a chamber of commerce after hours mixer. I paid the $20 to get in. I bought a glass of wine at the bar and turned around to survey the room. It was packed with probably 2-300 people that were there to meet people.

 I guess I just wasn't in the mood because I looked around the room for a few minutes, and allowed the conversation in my head to convince me that there was nobody in the room worth meeting. I finished my glass of wine and left the meeting without ever talking to a soul!

 Boy, did I rip myself a new one that night! What a freaking dope! I felt like a total idiot! I never even tried.

I promised myself that would never happen again. A few months later I was presenting "Networking vs. Not Working". I've written dozens of articles on networking and have had articles written about my networking. What happened?

 I have a secret.

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 I never go alone. I write blog posts inviting people to come network with me. I tweet to come network with me. I send personal emails to my clients and ask if they're going and suggest that we meet up. I call friends and ask if they'll be around.


 If I'm meeting somebody, I won't convince myself that there's nobody in the room worth meeting.

 If I bring people that like me I won't have to brag. My posse will tell everybody how wonderful I am.

 But more importantly, I'm gonna introduce my friends to everybody that I meet and they will love me for it because they want to meet people.

 When I see my friends talking to somebody, I'm gonna ask to be introduced.

 Another true story...

 I went to a business luncheon. There were about 100 people at tables for 10. We had to stand up, introduce ourselves and be memorable. Boring, blah, blah... I stood up and said, "I'm Rick Roberge and if you don't know who I am and what I do, ask the person next to you. They'll know."

So, if you want to stop sucking, fill the room with fans.

No CTA, if you want more, talk to my friends.

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