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Event Recap - Hartford HUG 8/24/2015 - Rick Roberge Blog Feature
Michael Hurczyn

By: Michael Hurczyn on August 26th, 2015

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Event Recap - Hartford HUG 8/24/2015 - Rick Roberge

Sales Enablement

Another great night of comradery and learning in the books!  Thank you again to reSET for hosting, and thank you to Rick Roberge for making the trip to Hartford to make us laugh while learning.



Here are the key takeaways from some of our attendees:

Name: Tom DiScipio
Twitter: @TomDiScipio
Key Takeaway: Take smaller steps when engaging prospects. Going for the "what problem are you trying to solve?" question right away may be too much for creating an initial response or engagement from your prospects. Instead of taking that giant step, take iterative steps through very simple, succinct questions, leveraging email versus the phone. With your answers, "don't give your prospects a reason to not respond to you."

Name: Megan Johnson
Key Takeaway: Rick's favorite way to reply to a download: "Hi, did your ebook download correctly?"

Name: Kim Estep
Twitter: @ConventioNation
Key Takeaway:  Wow we have a great group of marketers using Hubspot! I am so excited to learn about the opportunities--and the networking at this event allowed me to acquire leads that I hope become prospects and customers! As a startup, I feel it's important to get our platform in front of the marketing universe. hartfordHUG is the place to be to make that happen. Rick is a great speaker with a wealth of sales advice, so it's best to pay attention to his tips. We'll be implementing his suggestions as we develop out sales and marketing plan. Thanks again! Looking forward to our next HUG event.

Name: Steve Cosme
Key Takeaway: I have two:

1. Stay out of the gray. Communicate to your prospects in ‘black and white’ terms.
2. Never assume, always ask. 

Name: Henry Link
Key Takeaway:  Do not give them a reason not to call you back!

Name: Tom Benoit
Twitter:  @TomBenoit_FTECO 
Key Takeaway:  It is still about relationships and trust between the parties. 


Rick's Key Takeaway

Not EVERYBODY thinks the way that you do, but what we think doesn't matter.  So, the takeaway could be that we shouldn't develop a strategy or process based on what we would do. Rather we should do what gets the desired reaction from our IDEAL prospect. Patience. Trial by error and an open mind will help.

Resources Rick Mentioned

Red Light – Green Light and Baby Steps

How to Use LinkedIn the INBOUND Way

Got leads? But need customers?

My Sales Mindset

Inbound Conference


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