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Event Recap - Hartford HUG 7/29/2015 - Emma Snider Blog Feature
Michael Hurczyn

By: Michael Hurczyn on July 31st, 2015

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Event Recap - Hartford HUG 7/29/2015 - Emma Snider

Wow!  Thank you to everyone who turned out for the Hartford HUG event last Wednesday.  And what a turn-out with over 60 people in attendance!  

A huge thank you to reSET for allowing us use their Business Factory as our meeting space.  

Also, a huge thank you to Emma Snider for making the trip down from HubSpot in Cambridge, MA to share her knowledge.  She did a wonderful job presenting the Why? How? Who? So What? of business blogging.  

Here's a quick recap of the event along with details about our next on August 24th.  


Key takeaways:

The Why?

According to the state of Inbound, marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to see a positive ROI. High performers state that getting found is their number one priority.  Every time you blog, it's like creating a mini website on that topic that gets indexed in search engines.   

The How?

How long? If you are consistently publishing posts under 300 words, Google won't view you as an authoritative source.  If you are publishing posts over 1200 words, using tons of sub-categories, you should consider breaking that blog post up into multiple posts.  

How often?  HubSpot recommends at least 1-2 posts per week.

Simply how?  


Need Blog title ideas?  Try these helpful tools - HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator or Impact's Blog Title Generator

The Who?

The general consensus is marketers create most of the content. But, Should Salespeople Blog?



So What?

In today's digital landscape, buyer's are 56% of the way through their buyer's journey before contacting a salesperson.  Blogging is a cost effective way to put content in front of buyers.  The trick is to put it in front of them where they are looking, but we'll cover that at a future HUG meet-up.


Useful Resources:

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Emma Snider on Twitter


Business Factory

HubSpot's INBOUND Conference




Next Event

Monday, 8/24/2015

reSET Social Enterprise Trust
1429 Park Street
HartfordCT 06106

Marketers, bring your salespeople!  We will host a live "Stump the Trainer" event with the Rain Maker Maker, Rick Roberge.   Inbound leads require a different approach than a traditional sales approach.  We will ask salespeople to submit their challenges from their toughest prospects. Rick will handle the situation/objection live without knowledge of the questions beforehand. We will also cover how to take baby steps when someone downloads something from your website so you don't scare them away.  More details to follow! 

If you'd like to know what types of questions to ask or would like to get a feel of what to expect from the event, listen to this recent interview of Rick and Carole Mahoney by John McTigue from Kuno Creative.   

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