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Event Recap - Hartford HUG 10/15/2015 - Tim Dearlove Blog Feature
Michael Hurczyn

By: Michael Hurczyn on October 19th, 2015

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Event Recap - Hartford HUG 10/15/2015 - Tim Dearlove

HUG Event

We had another great turnout for our latest Hartford HUG event with HubSpot guest speaker Tim Dearlove.  Thank you to all that attended, and for those that couldn't make it here's what happened.

A big thank you to reSET for allowing us to use their space.  We switched up the food for this event and ordered some finger foods from Majorca, and boy was it good!  A few of us went there for drinks after and it's truly a hidden gem in Hartford.  I highly recommend checking them out for dinner!

On to the event...

Tim gave us a nice rundown of some of the new features HubSpot released.

Hubspot published a post highlighting all of the new features, so we don't need to dive into everything here, but people did ask for some specific resources.  Here are the links in no particular order:


Buyer Personas

Personas are fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your real and potential customers. They help you understand your customers better.

 HubSpot Personas



SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that establishes an encrypted connection between the browser and a server. In addition to the extra security measure, SSL sites (sites accessed with an HTTPS protocol) may receive a positive rankings boost from search engines. Shared SSL is included as part of the HubSpot Website add-on. Alternatively, dedicated SSL can be purchased as standalone product.




How to track Google Adwords Campaigns in HubSpot

Creating a Google Adwords PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign - The Pit 

The Pit


Website Grader

Website Grader

Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader


State of Inbound


State of Inbound HubSpot



That's all for now folks!  If you have any questions about what was discussed or have suggestions for topics on upcoming events, please post them on our Hartford HUG LinkedIn Group page or feel free to book a time to chat with me 1-on-1.

Until Next time...


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