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Recap of March 29th's presenter - Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan's high-energy style and interactive presentation approach have not only earned praise from audiences around the world, seasoned marketers and event planners understand Marcus' ability to captivate an audience and make an impact. 

He clearly and concisely delivers his message so event attendees can quickly absorb his teaching and immediately begin to apply it to their businesses. And the universal applicability of his message means that diverse audiences can receive tremendous benefit from attending his talks.

Schedule will be as follows:

  • 5:30pm - 6:15pm - Arrive, Grab some pizza, a drink and network
  • 6:15pm - 7:30pm - Q&A Discussion
  • 7:30-8:00pm - For those who would like to continue the conversation, we thought we'd support a new local business and swing over to the new brewery, Hog River Brewing, just down the hall from the reSET office.

Marcus is a true visionary as to how the world of business should think and act when communicating with their customers. 

Chris Heffer LexisClick Growth Agency

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Chris Heffer

What to Expect at a Hartford HUG Meetup

Learn. Network. Fun!
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Get ready to learn!

Each event will focus on a current inbound topic. We focus on valuable inbound marketing tips to improve your company's growth, new inbound sales tactics, and how to use the HubSpot software.  These lessons are presented by the HUG leader, other HUG members or sometimes a HubSpot employee will travel to the event.  If there are topics you are interested in learning about, please let us know.
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Meet people, in-person!

Besides getting some great tips from inbound professionals, the HUG events are a great place to meet other people and grow your network. 

Great event...well attended...well promoted! Venue seemed good. Keep it going!

George Beiter Alliance Designer Products

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Join The Hartford HUG!

Send us your info and we will keep you informed on upcoming HUG events and send you an invite for the LinkedIn Hartford HUG group.

Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] Do I need to be a HubSpot customer to join the HUG?
No. The HUG is open to anyone who is interested in inbound marketing; students, marketers, business owners or academics! We're open to all.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How can I get in touch with other Hartford HUG members?
Check out the Hartford HUG group on LinkedIn. There, you'll find conversations from group members and the latest HubSpot news.  Also, If you haven't already, you should also check out Started by Dharmesh Shah (one of HubSpot's founders) and Rand Fishkin (founder of, it's a dededicated community of inbound enthusiasts looking to share knowledge, skills, and opportunities.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What does it cost?
Nada!  HubSpot User Group events are free to everyone.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What should I bring to an event?
Business cards for networking, something to take notes, and excitement to learn and share.